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Missing you, bad neigbourhoods

Sidliste Pisnice - [maybe the only place in the world] where gentrification went reversed, no matter what traces were left in the bushes, what secret treasures were burried in those hills; with how much blood, sweat and tears we contaminated and marked this territory; families made new families, kids went closer to the city.

Last castaways still resisting the time slowly sinking in the sea of things collected over the years a drama odehravajici za kulisou jednoho of the rectangular windows; but no regrets, its the manifest of the life that has been lived - you cannot deny it; you cannot overlook it; all the proofs, relics, artifacts are here to be discovered in the layers of the time; the childhood, puberty, adulthood - open the archeological site; call the ministry of culture and start excavating. the child room still intact somewhere within there; dig the hole into the parallel universes; dig through the layers deep enough, Cambrian, Precambrian; a burried diary of angry years covered in the duct tape - don´t touch it though when you find it; mark the call the police.

meanwhile the bus from Kacerov still running on its orbit; as a perpetuum mobile, devotedly feeding the wastelands of former meat processing plant with all kinds of leftover human forms; enter the lapidarium, sit still, become a part of this weird screenplay and let it consume you; wait for me Pisnice, Ill be there in 13 minutes 

I hate love so much by Aneta Camo

I hate love so much

Eraserhead by Aneta Camo


A city where it always rains by Aneta Camo

A city where it always rains

Hometown landscape by Aneta Camo

Hometown landscape

Sidliskovy sen by Aneta Camo

Sidliskovy sen

Supervisor by Aneta Camo


Letters from the Holiday Resort by Aneta Camo

Letters from the Holiday Resort

>click this its animated I promise< by Aneta Camo

>click this its animated I promise<

How did we get in here by Aneta Camo

How did we get in here

Aarhus Ø by Aneta Camo

Aarhus Ø

Suburbs disco by Aneta Camo

Suburbs disco

Homesick by Aneta Camo


Anxiety by Aneta Camo


Suburbs by Aneta Camo