aneta camo portrait

Aneta Camo

front-end development - Illustration - Webdesign   |   |   born in Prague, based in Aarhus,



August 2017 - now

Completely rebuilding two large websites into custom-made easy-to-use CMSs & code-conf; updating the structures to be easy to use for various content-creators.

january 2018 - june 2018

Project of rebuilding a template-generated and unordered html data intensity into the website system - by using liquid as a template language. Building the blogging system. Search and menues done by Jquery & Javascript.

SYMBIO digital,s.r.o.

November 2015 - June 2016

First real front-end job. Building the small websites and doing smaller front-end tasks for various customers, mostly taking care of HTML & CSS, workings with multiple CMSs (Wordpress, Webflow, Squarespace).


a wallet illustration

Currency Calculator

Pulling data from a CSV file, building a table, then counting the currency rates according to the data from Czech National Bank and user’s input.

  • React
  • Javascript
  • a camera illustration

    Photography portfolio

    A page made from a scratch for my friend Marie Kruse with custom-made javascript carousel.

  • Angular
  • Javascript
  • Sass
  • Design
  • a living room illustration

    Aneta Camo
    Blogging system. This website.

    Coded and designed from scratch, built my own tagging & blogging system, auto compressed images. A small portfolio of my favourite freetime activity

  • Liquid
  • Markdown
  • Sass
  • Design
  • a home illustration


    Built completely from scratch, then rebuilt into template and implemented via PHP, my own illustrations and design.

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Sass
  • Illustration
  • a computer illustration


    Completely rebuilding a large website into a custom-made easy-to-use CMSs. Building blogging, tagging, pagination, auto image compression. Carousels, filters done with Javascript.

  • Javascript
  • Liquid
  • Sass
  • a house carried by plants illustration

    Affordable housing
    A single page site

    A simple one page project coded from scratch with a lot of czech text and my own suburban illustrations.

  • Illustrations
  • HTML
  • JQery
  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Czech, almost Danish


    instagram // Aneccca